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We are Folder IT, an international software company with over 25 years of experience offering IT software services based on digital transformation projects, internet of things, artificial intelligence, web and mobile software development projects, Salesforce services, and consultancy on cutting-edge technologies. More than two hundred tech-savvy professionals work day by day, offering high-quality and high-performance coding based on sound knowledge of the latest information technology, adopting our customers’ goals as their own.

Dealing with customers directly, in a personalized and meaningful way, enables us to build long-term relationships. Project success is guaranteed due to our professionals’ knowledge, experience, and commitment to customers and partners, which are key values for growth.

Through the interdisciplinary work of a team that pays great care and meticulous attention to the analysis of requirements, our solutions are oriented towards the integration of computer processes with business logic so that the systems become a safe and reliable working tool for stakeholder users, managers, and decision-makers.

Our motto: «Growing while helping grow». We are demanding, and we have the company that we would like to hire. Discover our world, our culture, and our way of working. Get ready to reimagine your business and stay ahead with us in this fast-changing world.


Being the leading technology company in America and becoming a strategic ally for our customers, working together for the achievement of their goals. Giving priority to our people’s satisfaction and welfare, as they are the cornerstone for providing top-quality services. Attaining institutional success by providing our people with the ideal context for personal development, growth, and achievement of personal goals. We would like to be an inspiring example of a successful company motivated by the well-being of its people.


We believe in the importance of investing time, qualified manpower efforts, well-being in daily activities, training as the main tool for development, exploiting technology innovation, research departments, and development laboratories. We also believe in the constant evaluation of the quality of software and services provided, boosting marketing and commercialization tasks, defining a personal career plan that is fair and equitable for our people, maintaining economic order, and investing in the analysis as a bet for a future that is never too far. Above all, we believe in our people.


  • Honesty

  • Professionalism

  • Excellence

  • Respect

  • Commitment

  • Dedication

  • Solidarity

  • Teamwork

  • Receptivity

  • Organizational awareness


ISO 9001:2015

We meet the applicable requirements and encourage ongoing improvement by establishing potentially groundbreaking objectives, so that all members of the organization participate in the detection of opportunities for improvement and the resulting analysis so as to take actions towards process optimization.

Besides, we embody the characteristics of a model Company in our sector and keep our performances high based on quality and efficiency criteria, thus ensuring the client’s and Folder IT staff satisfaction.

We Are Folder IT

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Santa Fe, SF, Argentina

Francisco Miguens Nº 180 · Santa Fe Harbor
9th & 10th Floors, Corporate Tower
Santa Fe · 3000 · Argentina

+54 (342) 455 6006

Miami, FL, US

3401 SW 160 Ave, Ste. 330
Miami · FL ·33027 · United States

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We are an international software company based in Argentina with offices in the US and Latam.