We are your Software Service Team.

About Folder IT

We pride ourselves on being a Software Service Team. We are a team of specialized software professionals who offer high-quality products and services based on our business knowledge and the use of the latest tools in Information Technology. Dealing with the customers in a direct and personalized way enables us to strengthen our commercial relationships, building working bonds grounded on cordiality, professionalism and the commitment to common objectives. A close relationship with the customers aids our job. The success of their projects is guaranteed by giving top priority to the customers’ needs and by considering the investment in systems as a strategic element for the development of their company.

We believe in a continuing and permanent training of our human resources as a basic tenet to meet our customers’ demands and offer them last generation solutions.

Our work philosophy binds us not only to find the solution to the problem but also to optimize the analysis and apply the best alternative solution, considering cost variables and benefits that always come into play in the calculation of the break-even point for accurate decision-making.

We endeavor every day in training and researching new technologies, making use of the latest design and development tools for the elaboration of software. Through the interdisciplinary work of a team of people with great care and meticulous attention to the analysis of requirements, our solutions are oriented to the integration of computer processes with business logic so that the systems become a basic working tool for the users, aiming to earn their trust for the normal development of the operative, administrative and managerial tasks of the company.

Our Vision

To be the leading technology company in the region, underpinning our efforts with the success of our customers’ projects. To become a strategic ally for our customers, working together for the achievement of their goals. To give priority to our people’s satisfaction and welfare they are the cornerstone for the provision of top quality services. To attain institutional success by providing our people with the ideal setting for personal development, growth and for reaching their own goals.

Our Mission

For the accomplishment of our aims, we believe in the importance of time investment, the efforts of qualified manpower, a sense of well-being in the daily performance of our activities, training as the main tool for development, the exploitation of the departments of technology innovation and research and development laboratories, a constant evaluation of the quality of the software and the services provided, a boost to the tasks of marketing and commercialization, the definition of an internal career plan which is fair and equitable for our people, economic order and investment analysis as a bet to a future which is never too close.

We let our customers know that they are in good hands by being aligned 100% with the objectives they pursue. We believe in the pride and the sense of belonging of the people who are part of Folder IT. We would like to be an inspiring example of a successful company motivated by the welfare of its people.

Software Service Team

International Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015