Quality Policy

Achieve the attributes that characterize a model company in our sector, keeping our skills high and basing our quality and efficiency criteria on guaranteeing satisfaction of customers and those conforming Folder IT.

Guarante our services through competent activities by our properly trained and qualified staff, knowing that each of our staff members not only fulfil their role but also highly commit to the activity, company and responsibility towards our customers.

Provide our customers software development and consultancy services that comply with the specifications, scheduled requirements and stated needs, and give added value by offering innovative practices and improvement by application of new technologies.

Meet our people’s expectations regarding vital aspects of the organization, basing our professional and technical activity on the human person, persuing labour welfare and building correct professional practices within a healthy and cooperative scenario.

Comply with the applicable requirements and encourage the ongoing improvement of objectives, participating members of the organization in the detection of opportunities for improvement and in their consequent analysis for taking actions to optimize processes.