IoT Projects

Our IoT team is comprised of cloud expert architects and developers.

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Folder IT’s IoT team is ready for your project!

Our team specializes in delivering the right solution for our customers considering at the same time technology, business processes, company vision, expectations, time frame and budget.

We have years of experience solving complex technology, data integration, security and business problems, from the initial idea through to the deployment and maintenance phases.

Our IoT team is comprised of cloud expert architects and developers with great skills and experience in IoT technologies such as: AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub, Google IoT Core, Losant and others.

We develop IoT solutions for varied industries: Agriculture, Supply Chain, Medical, Environmental Management, Contact Tracing, Industrial Management (predictive maintenance), Smart Facility management and many others.

The best solution for your IoT projects.

Unleash the power of IoT with Folder IT.


Our first goal is to keep your IoT data safe.

Secure IoT Projects

We follow rigorous security protocols and standards in order to preserve the confidentiality of your data & maintain the integrity of the information.


Our solutions grow with your buisness.


We leverage state of the art technology and mix it with our vast experience developing high volume performant distributed systems to create solutions that can scale as your business grows.


We generate insights from your IoT data.


From customized visualization and statistical modeling to descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics we help you to generate business value from your data.


Make the most out of your data.


IoT solutions generate a huge amount of data. We work in conjunction with our AI team in order to generate Machine Learning solutions to effectively turn this data into actions and insights.

The Perfect Fit

We match your needs.

The Perfect Fit

Our IoT solutions are custom built to perfectlly fit your business requirements.

IoT at the Edge

We extend your IoT solution to edge devices.

IoT at the Edge

With EDGE tecnologies devices can execute custom logic, keep data in sync, communicate with other devices in a secure fashion and run ML models even when not connected to the Internet.

IoT Technologies

These are some of the technologies used for our IoT projects.

  • AWS IoT Core

  • Azure IoT Hub

  • Google Cloud IoT Core

  • AWS IoT Greengrass

  • Azure IoT Edge

  • Losant IoT Platform