HLS Story Case

HeadLight Solutions

The Client

US-based software company that provides transportation management software solutions. 
HeadLight Solutions

The Project

Its main product is a web-based application that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to optimize loads and shipments, minimize costs, and comply with industry-specific constraints. It has been worked on tracking trucks via GPS and visualizing routes, which allows freight companies to have complete control over their fleet and shipments with real time updates. Some of the technologies used for development are: Ruby on Rails, Python, Flask, Selenium, Capybara, RSpec, Minitest, Sinatra, MongoDB, Postgres, React, Redux, Rust, Docker, AWS, Jenkins, CircleCI, Trello and many others!
People working on different roles of the project
Main technologies used

Working synchronously

Our client was in the US, so it was a great advantage to share the time zone and be able to work synchronously being able to organize calls and meets.

The project objective

HeadLight aims to automate logistics, optimize planned routes by reducing miles driven and minimizing truck capacity waste, effectively saving costs. Its system allows tracking deliveries by GPS, making the whole process transparent, and responding to customer needs, by following the statuses of the deliveries. HeadLight also provides the option to help freight companies find drivers through its platform at competitive costs with just a few clicks. Everything is built under one cohesive environment that takes freight businesses to the next level.

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