Walmart Story Case


The Client

Our client is a post-harvest AgTech company that provides solutions for shelf-life and freshness management of fresh food. It’s part of a holding company that focuses on innovative technologies for sustainability. We developed this company’s flagship product. Our client and Walmart collaborated in a pilot to test the platform in 2018. The platform is a solution that uses sensors and analytics to monitor the freshness and quality of fresh food from farm to shelf. The pilot aimed to reduce food waste and improve operational efficiency for Walmart. 

The Project

It is a multi-tenant, secure, cloud-based data collection platform. The platform aggregates and shares information based on a flexible permission schema. This data can be easily accessed through a web browser for product/asset tracking, monitoring, and management. The platform enables developers and partners to create applications using a standardized schema for data access and integration. Using the “data as a service” model, simplifies data collection, evaluation and distribution in a department, company or between businesses. The platform uses geolocation information and goods/products conditions data which is captured by multi-protocol RFID tags and readers based on proprietary technology. The platform is the post-harvest freshness management solution for today’s produce industry. It provides growers, shippers, and retailers with autonomous, end-to-end cold chain visibility for proactive decision making to improve delivered freshness and reduce shrink by 50% or more. By intelligently managing the handling and quality of each pallet of produce beginning in the field, the platform enables seamless matching of the retailers’ freshness needs with the actual produce freshness while monitoring adherence to the grower’s processes.
People working on different roles of the project
Main technologies used

Working synchronously

Our client was in the US, so it was a great advantage to share the time zone and be able to work synchronously being able to organize calls and meets.

The Walmart Project objective

Multi-tenant, secure, cloud-based data collection platform that simplifies data collection, evaluation and distribution in a department, company or between businesses. In this specific scenario the platform was used for collecting and processing real-time data related to the fresh food supply-chain in order to calculate and improve shelf life. 

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