4 things every data scientist should know

Are you considering becoming a data scientist? If so, I invite you to go through some of the most important topics you should be aware of.


Many consider data science as the natural evolution of statistics. The concepts that this discipline covers (such as population, sampling, bias, deviation, correlation, etc.) are indeed key for any person aspiring to become a data scientist.

Computer sciences:

Undoubtedly, computing has enabled the possibility to handle ever increasing amounts of data in an incredibly flexible manner. A strong understanding of core computer science concepts would be a perfect cornerstone for any data scientist. Good proficiency in languages such as Python or R are essential.


It’s really important to understand the fact that one of the reasons for the emergence of data science is due to the effect that we could refer to as ‘data deluge’ or ‘information explosion’. The amount of information that’s currently being generated is immense, in just one minute 41M Whatsapp messages are likely to be sent! (Ref. https://www.domo.com/learn/data-never-sleeps-8). For that reason, the knowledge of techniques and technologies that allow the gathering, manipulation, analysis & visualization of huge data-sets is really important. As an example of such tools we could mention Hadoop or Cassandra.

Machine learning:

Several of the techniques developed within the machine learning field allow the automatic processing of data-sets through artificial intelligence models, thus obtaining an interpretation of the data. As an example, some models allow to identify natural ways to group the data while other models might offer predictions regarding future values. This enables interesting data usage models, for instance, some organizations (like Walmart) could group the kind of customers based on what they tend to purchase, and then decide to physically arrange the different products they offer, so that if you are going to purchase a given product, you’re also going to be shown other products you’re likely to purchase along the way!

I hope this article’s helped shed some light on the fundamental abilities that every data scientist should have. Indeed this is a really interesting field with a lot of room for professional growth. Moreover, it’s revolutionizing business models on a worldwide scale.


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