Artificial Intelligence

AI Project Development

Folder IT’s AI team is always ready for new projects.

Convolutional Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Machine learning, Deep learning and Big data are all familiar concepts and challenges for our professionals.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Experience

We have a team of professionals assigned full time to AI related projects. They also integrate with the rest of our standard design and development groups (web, mobile, etc.) to offer unified solutions to our clients. By allowing the AI team to actively discuss and share ideas on different projects, we achieve a high degree of synergy for each challenge.

Our AI team consists of professionals with a wide range of experience and profiles in the IT industry, with participants ranging from specialized AI developers, data engineers, data scientists and researchers. The team has strong expertise in technologies such as Jenetics, Tensorflow, Keras, Pandas & Spark.


Our solutions respond in the shortest possible time, allowing for their use in real-time applications, such as image recognition, keyword detection, future value prediction, etc.


We follow rigorous security protocols in order to preserve the confidentiality of your data & maintain the integrity of the information.


Solutions that are easily adapted to the requirements of any data volume and processing needs.

The Perfect Fit

Our AI solutions are custom built to perfectlly fit your project’s requirements.

Custom Look & Feel

Designed to fit your corporate identity & provide unique experiences.

Added Value

Our AI Solutions add value to your process through unique, innovative ways to use and comprehend information.

Over the years, this team has faced different challenges: from older projects, such as complex mathematical design using specialized genetic programming clusters, to more recent projects, such as visual product categorization, counting and defect detection (e.g. spots) using multiple co-working convolutional neural networks with automatic image pre-processing. In addition, we have experience working with huge datasets in the cloud, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and have migrated complex networks to mobile native solutions.

Relying on Artificial Intelligence we can analyze, plan, design, execute, deploy and maintain AI augmented solutions as per requirements and provide complete solution coverage.

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