Quick Introduction over Salesforce Industries CPQ

CPQ: Configure, Price, Quote

CPQ, an acronym for Configure, Price, Quote, refers to software that streamlines and automates the generation of intricate quotes. This article delves into the specifics of Salesforce Industries CPQ, also known as Vlocity CPQ. By the end of this read, you will grasp the essential features that set this solution apart and comprehend the distinctiveness between Salesforce CPQ (previously known as Steelbrick CPQ) and Industries CPQ. Additionally, you will gain insight into the primary functionalities of Industries CPQ. 

What is Salesforce Industries CPQ? 

Salesforce Industries CPQ offers industry-specific solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various sectors. It efficiently handles new orders and modifications for both individual and corporate services. This platform supports ordering based on existing customer assets and services. Vlocity CPQ utilizes robust rule engines for quick processing and allows for flexible configuration of product and pricing rules. 

 Additionally, Vlocity CPQ is known as Vlocity CPQ or Vlocity Communication Cloud. Explore further details about Industries Order Management (salesforce.com) 

Salesforce CPQ vs Industry CPQ? 

Salesforce CPQ (formerly Steelbrick) is a horizontal CPQ and Billing application. Industries CPQ (formerly Vlocity CPQ) is a module included in Industry Clouds* (Communications, Media, Utilities). 

Salesforce CPQ (aka Steelbrick CPQ) ,  is a versatile and horizontal CPQ and Billing tool that caters to a wide range of industries in other words it is applicable to all industries but in almost cases required had-hoc modifications and adjust for fit. Industries CPQ, formerly Vlocity CPQ, is a component integrated within specialized Industry Clouds such as Communications, Media, and Utilities. It is more specialized for a specific industries. Take in account both have commons features like:

  •  Generating Quote Documents 
  • Order Management 
  • Complex Pricing 
  • Configuring Products 
  • Design-Time Product and Pricing Definition 
  • Contract Lifecycle Management 
  • Quote Approvals 
  • Contract Amendment and Asset-Based Ordering 

Industries CPQ features 

Asset Modifications and Order Amendments: Enable customers to enhance their subscriptions by adding services like adjusting ongoing B2B orders post-submission. 

Plan Changes: Allow customers to switch between plans smoothly, such as upgrading from a medium plan to a large plan or expanding from Mobile-only to Mobile + Internet services without disruptions. 

Multi-Site Quoting and Ordering: Streamline the process of quoting and ordering for B2B clients with multiple locations simultaneously, reducing the need to manage multiple records and screens concurrently. 

Headless CPQ Cart and Digital Commerce APIs: Develop B2B and B2C applications with external web or mobile applications, allowing CPQ to manage pricing and rules seamlessly. 

Integrated Connection to Industries Order Management: Break down orders in compliance with industry standards (TMForum) and complete them across different downstream systems effortlessly.


Basics configuration allowed on Salesforce Industries CPQ 

  • Product Configuration: Customizing both simple and complex commercial products while adhering to EPC configurations and regulations can be done through the CPQ Cart UI, OmniScript, or Digital Commerce LWCs. 
  • Pricing: Set prices for products using List Price or Attribute-Based Pricing methods and apply any applicable discounts. 
  • Quoting: Create detailed line-item documents in DOCX, PPTX, and/or PDF formats for quotes. 
  • Integration with Sales and Service Cloud: Seamlessly integrate CPQ with standard Salesforce objects like Opportunity, Quote, and Order to ensure smooth collaboration with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. 
  • Order Management: Utilize order management features for item breakdown, fulfillment, and tracking fulfilled items as Assets. 
  • Asset Management: Modify assets by executing asset-to-order operations, providing flexibility in managing product configurations and changes. 

Configure Price Quote 

  • CPQ Cart: Interface resembling a shopping cart that allows agents to include, customize, and delete products. Presently built on the Vlocity Cards framework using Angular technology. 
  • Guided Selling OmniScripts: Develop a step-by-step interactive process using OmniScript, where customers/agents choose the device, followed by a plan, and then additional services using Cart APIs.
  • Digital Commerce (Lightning) Web Components: Ready-made WC/LWCs for constructing a user interface utilizing the Digital Commerce APIs.

Digital Commerce 

  • Digital Commerce Gateway add-on: Enhance scalability significantly during peak periods by incorporating the Digital Commerce Gateway add-on. 
  • Utilize Digital Commerce LWCs or Web Components: Begin creating a user interface by utilizing Digital Commerce LWCs within the platform or Web Components externally. 
  • Create a Guided Selling OmniScript: Develop a step-by-step guiding process using the Digital Commerce APIs. This OmniScript can be utilized within the platform (Lightning and Communities) or externally on third-party websites or mobile apps. 
  • Digital Commerce APIs: These APIs are designed for high-volume interactions with customers, acting as a caching layer above the Cart APIs. They cater to both guest users and authenticated customers. 
  • Integration of Communications & Media Cloud with B2C Commerce Cloud Connector: Connect your B2C Commerce Cloud Storefront with the Communications & Media Cloud to utilize Digital Commerce capabilities. 

Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) 

The Enterprise Product Catalog serves as a module within Industry Cloud that streamlines the management and structuring of product data within a unified interface. Through this platform, products can be customized by defining attributes, constructing bundles, establishing pick lists and object types, and setting product rules. Within the EPC, users can access the Product and Price designer and activate functionalities like product version control and multilingual support for their product catalog. Essentially, the Enterprise Product Catalog acts as a foundational component for CPQ and order management, serving as the hub for product design, lifecycle management, product publication, and subsequently influencing CPQ and digital commerce operations. In the realm of CPQ and DC, the focus shifts to order capture, leveraging the groundwork laid out in the Enterprise Product Catalog. 

In EPC we can define products for your commercial and technical products, for example a SIM card, mobile plan, and handset as a product, also define attributes for those products with related information such as handset color, storage size in a JSON rather than custom fields, create bundles with simple or complex structures and cardinality. Other capabilities are defining a template that you create products from – supports a hierarchy and inheritance between parent and child Object Types, rules to filter, auto-add, exclude, recommend products and promotions, rules for one-time charges, recurring charges, attribute-based pricing, etc. 

Pricing and Promotions 

Salesforce Industries CPQ offers various solutions to address this challenge. For instance, you can create time-bound promotions. Another effective approach is to bundle products together, enabling discounts when specific products within the bundle are purchased. Moreover, you can establish rules to determine the type of account associated with an order, such as distinguishing between a regular customer and one with a special Service Level Agreement. 

With Industries CPQ, you receive a system composed of distinct reusable components. These components are cataloged independently from standard products, preserving the product data. The product prices only change when a relevant promotion is active and applicable to the specific customer, with immediate calculation by the system. 

The platform allows for the configuration of diverse pricing structures tailored to meet the specific requirements of the business. This includes options like one-time surcharges, price penalties, or adjustments to existing prices. Additionally, you can set varying billing frequencies, such as monthly or annually, for your products. 

The Promotions module is an automated feature that can be acquired separately. It enhances flexibility within your Industries CPQ setup by facilitating the creation and dissemination of promotions and discounts. 

Pricing – Design Time 

  • Pricing Variables: Provides metadata for defining pricing structures we can have by Charge type or Type.
    Charge Type: Enables subscription-based products with upfront and monthly charges. Example how many times per hours the product is used, how many mb per day, etc.
    – Type: Defines Price for what the customer is charged, and Cost for the company’s. 
  • Price List and Price List Entry: Analogous to Price Book and Price Book Entry, allowing for the definition of multiple prices for the same product over different time periods 
  • Attribute Based Pricing: Prices products according to their attribute values. 
  • Bundles with:
    Zero Price: The final price is the aggregated price of the children
    – Non-Zero Price: The final price is this non-zero amount in addition to the aggregated children prices. 

Rules and Interfaces 

When proceeding through the Order Capture process, it’s crucial to establish regulations linked to your products to ensure accurate pricing consistently. Industries CPQ empowers you to oversee every aspect of your product pricing, guaranteeing the generation of precise orders consistently. Rules can also be leveraged to set penalties for order cancellations or modifications.  

One such instance is the Qualification Rule. This rule validates a customer’s eligibility to purchase a product and receive an offer for it before adding the product to the cart. By configuring these rules, Industries CPQ filters all your products and promotions in the cart, displaying only eligible products for the customer or representative placing the order.  

  • Context Rules: Determine which products, promos, pricing appear on your cart 
  • Advanced Rules: Compatibility, Pricing, Availability, Eligibility 
  • Product + Price List + Context Rules + Advanced Rules determine what Products are qualified (visible) in the Cart 
  • Create Penalty Rules via Context Rules when a customer terminates a Promotion or Contract early 

Ready for Hands-On Practice? 

If you are Interested in testing by you own and got hands-on practice, it was little bit hard for me to find out where to get a free org with an Industries CPQ / Vlocity CPQ. When I was looking for, a several pages send me over a https://trailhead.salesforce.com/promo/orgs/omnistudiotrails but on current days this url does not work, it does not allow create the org and when I ping to trailhead support the response was that org was deprecated and they don’t have any ETA for restore.  

So, if you are stuck in steps of create an Industries CPQ like me, I found another link for do that from https://vlocitytrial-prod.herokuapp.com/?templateid=SFI_IPQ. This instance is from Vlocity University and This is a free instance that is available for a limited amount of time (30 days) but help you for doing test and when expire if you want to continue could create a new one and got another 30 days. 

Finally, is you being interesting to take an Industries CPQ certification you should check Certification – Industries CPQ Developer (salesforce.com) . The Salesforce Industries CPQ Developer credential is designed for individuals who have experience developing configure, price, and quote applications for the Salesforce Communications, Media, and Energy & Utilities Clouds.

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