Why to Offshore Software Testing from Argentina

Software testing is essential for the success of any established business. Being a key element to your firm, outsourcing offshore software testing from Argentina is the best option. In this article, you will learn why.

The Argentinian Software Professionals Quality

Top rated universities, research institutions and strong technical assessments are the norm in the country. There is no doubt about the technical quality of IT and especially QA professionals from Argentina. Thousands of US and Canadian businesses trust technological engineering teams from Argentina to assist them in the development, testing and delivery of their products.

Why Offshore Software Testing from Argentina and not other places?

It is clear that Argentina has a competitive edge over India and other regions in regards to outsourcing development and testing. Team communication is crucial and influences decision making in an impactful way. It is not as easy to communicate with culturally non-fitting  teams like the ones from the Eastern Hemisphere, which have a harder time working together.

Offshore software testing from Argentina is better because we share the same culture. Western countries tend to present many similarities with respect to customs and manners. You are guaranteed that the team integrations will be seamless and you will avoid unnecessary cultural frictions.

There is a significant difference between hiring developers and QAs that will just follow orders, and tech-savvy professionals that will suggest the best solution to your business needs, which produces the best outcome. That is often a deciding factor when choosing Argentinian Engineers over the competition. Soft-Skills matter, we don’t want to hire robots.

Your team and ours working as one

Access Top IT Talent in your timezone at half the cost

The Edge of Offshore Software Testing

Nearshore software testing services and offshore software testing services are more effective and efficient. We talked about the culture, but time-zone is king. How can your team respond to an incident when they are all offline during business hours?

Argentina time-zone overlap is great for all US time-zones, from the West to the East Coast. We wake up early, release new features, QA/test them and we are available to spot and fix problems when the business demands it. We have a culture of proactivity, of owning the products we build, and that is not easy to find somewhere else.

Argentinian QA Engineers Communicate Effectively

Argentinian Software Companies pay special attention to constantly improving the English proficiency level of their engineers. Oftentimes, companies like ours will hire English Advisors to ensure our Argentinian QA and Development Professionals meet the highest standards in language competencies. Argentinian Engineers are amongst the highest performing in meetings, making the most out of your time.

All in all, recurring to outsourcing offshore software testing teams from Argentina presents many benefits that will promote the growth of your product and services, without the compromises and liabilities of expanding the in-house team. This is particularly applicable in contexts of high uncertainty, inflation and non-predictable scalability. Our teams grow with you on demand.

What Companies Outsource from Argentina?

In short, all kinds of businesses. Going no further, we as a company have worked alongside powerful startups, small and medium sized businesses, but also, big enterprise corporations such as InterCall, Uber, Ford and Walmart. 

They trust us because of the highest technical capabilities of our bilingual engineers, competitive rates and the optimal time zone overlap.

Argentina is a Resilient Region for Offshore Software Testing

Looking back to 2000, Folder IT was founded in the context of a big economic crisis. Despite that fact, our growth never stopped. We started with a very small team, and as of writing this article, there are over 180 engineers working at Folder IT.

We help solve complex situations that others are not able to handle. A client of ours had their team gone in less than a month because their software partner was acquired by a bigger company. 

We worked our hardest with the company’s top engineers to provide them with a solution, delivering a fully-fledged team in under two weeks and a non-chaotic knowledge transfer process. There are no such risks involved when associating with companies like ours.

We constantly offer quality assurance teams to our partners, since it has proven to reduce the back and forth delays between development and business teams, and decreased the time spent fixing bugs, which also contributed to a healthier environment. That valuable saved time can be then utilized to truly make your software flourish and adapt to the ever-increasing business needs.

Argentinian QA Teams Handle All Sorts of Technology Stacks and Methodologies

Argentinian Quality Assurance Teams work with both Agile and traditional practices. 

We think of technologies as tools for getting the job done. We respect them, and for sure our engineers have an in-depth understanding of the aforementioned, but it is important for our QA teams to adapt to the ones that will help solve the problem in the most efficient way possible. 

Knowledge transfer from the true fundamental principles of software testing plays a key role, demonstrating to be significantly more efficacious than trying to solve dissimilar sets of problems with the same tool.

Our teams work with these Quality Assurance / Testing technologies, methodologies and frameworks:

QA Testing Methodologies that we work with

  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • QA Manual Testing
  • QA Automation
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Feature / Functional Testing
  • End to End Testing (E2E Testing)
  • Smoke Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • UI/UX Testing
  • Web App Testing
  • Backend Testing
  • Mobile Apps Testing
  • Test Cases Creation

QA Testing Technologies that we work with

  • Jest
  • Enzyme
  • React Testing
  • RSpec
  • Minitest
  • Capybara
  • JUnit
  • Spring Testing
  • Selenium
  • Cypress
  • Puppeteer
  • Playwright
  • Cucumber
  • Python Splinter
  • NightWatch JS
  • Behave
  • XPath
  • Multi Mechanize
  • Locust.io
  • NUnit
  • Pytest
  • TestNG
  • API Jira
  • Saucelabs
  • BrowserStack
  • MochaJS

And many, many more.


Offshore software testing from Argentina with Folder IT professionals is a cost effective solution that does not sacrifice on quality nor communication effectiveness. Being resilient as described, and qualified for working with all the latest technologies with technical excellence, our teams are qualified for joining you right away.

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